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engineering automation software development for CAE and more


Nobody had heard the term automation until 1947 when the first automation department was created by General Motors. Now everybody knows that automation saves manual labor, energy, and costs along with improving the quality, accuracy, and precision of the manufactured goods. Automation has entered every sphere of modern life: telecommunication, manufacturing, technology, engineering, etc. The term itself stands for the usage of different control systems for equipment operating to reduce or minimize human involvement. Automation has been achieved by mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic, electrical, electronic means of different kinds and computers. Modern complicated systems use all these combined techniques.


The process automation is characterized by arranging CAE activities following "best practices" and facilitating speedy development and implementation. Automation engineering is the combination of standard engineering and informational management aiming to make various systems work effectively in different aspects such as production costs, product quality, process consistency, productivity, environmental safety, and work reliability.



Initially, CAE aimed to exclude physical models and tests, however, half a century on, the prototypes are still widely used in design programs due to the lack of confidence on the part of some engineers and management that CAE can provide trustworthy results. However, when best practices are followed the results are reliable and correlate with the physical world. FEA Engineering is an expert in Engineering software development, specializing in FEA. The Company develops tools for CAE processes automation combining knowledge and best practices of Femap NX Nastran software customization. The tools are aimed to be applied for simulation process automation at any stage and work across multiple disciplines. Our software tools allow companies to save sensitive amounts of money. We realize that simple automation of a given process through scripts and macros is not enough; our experts work out the methods allowing not only automate processes but to easily deploy them so that the staff can safely execute the operations.