Who We Are


We are the team of experienced simulation engineers that successfully analyzed and validated plenty of finite element projects/tasks/models, developed miscellaneous software engineering and science tools for our clients and internal use. With years of experience in FEA, we will assist your specialists with design optimization, technological improvement and ways to reduce production costs to ensure that the design will meet your service requirements whether in Shipbuilding/Marine, Offshore, Machine-building, Energy,  Consumer Products.

Our Mission

Our Profile

Our mission is to help our Clients to improve and optimize their products and processes by using sophisticated simulation software, innovative engineering solutions, and scientific achievements.

FEA Engineering is an engineering consultancy company that was established in 2012 with engineering office in Mykolaiv, Ukraine. Our specialists were trained in the Netherlands, P.R. China, UAE and have expertise in the field of structural strength (FEM) analysis, fluid and thermal (CFD) analysis, hydrodynamics, development of innovative engineering solutions. The company constantly cooperates with scientists from the Ukranian National University of Shipbuilding, engineers and developers from well-known Netherlands engineering companies: Femto Engineering and SDC Verifier.