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FEA Engineering provides services to a wide range of industries but the main sphere of application is maritime and offshore. Our engineering team has experience with metal, plastic, polyethylene, rubber, composite materials and can provide solutions  in such areas as follows:


   >  Engineering analysis (FEA and CFD);


   >  Analytical engineering calculations;


   Software development and customization;


   Design algorithms of parametrical optimization using new science tehcnologies of applied mathematics (AI, Machine Learning, Neural Networks).

Our Services



Engineering analysis


  • Global Structure Strength Analysis;
  • Local Structure Strength Analysis
  • Plate Buckling Analysis and Fatigue;
  • Global Vibration Analysis;
  • Local Structure Vibration Analysis;
  • Random Vibration Response by MIL-STD-810;
  • Fluid Structure Interaction;
  • Thermal Analysis;
  • Durability Analysis;
  • Certification Calculations under Classification Societies Rules

Software development & customization

Predictive Engineering and Optimization



  • Engineering and Science Software Development
  • Engineering Routine Automation
  • Forecast Models based on Neural Network and Machine Learning
  • Optimization based on Artificial Inteligence Methods
  • Femap API Programming
  • VBA + MS Excel / MS Word Tools
  • Google Spreadsheet Tools / Java Script
  • C#, C++, VB.net. Python
  • Raspberry Pi / Arduino Microcontrollers Programming


  • Underwater Noise Prediction;
  • Emergency Failure Prediction of Structures;
  • Structures/Designs Comparative Analysis;
  • Vaibration, Mass or Cost Optimization;
  • Multi-objective optimization (Pareto Optimization);
  • Multi-Parametric Prediction and Optimization                                                  (based on AI algorithms and ML).